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新客戶優惠 – :

$390可試做Skin Ceuticals水份面部護理一次(90分鐘)及半價試做其他護理。
New Clients -$390 for one Skin Ceuticals Hydrating Facial Treatment (90 mins), or 50% for the first trial of other single treatments

Please call for enquiries & reservation 請致電查詢及預約
The above promotion is for new members only 只限新會員


TriPollar Facial Lifting Treatment or Slimming Treatment
原價 $2000-$3000       試做價 $600

‧The world wide patented Tripollar is the latest radio frequency for technology.

‧Clinically proven on all skin types to effectively regenerate collagen, tighten, tone and contour the face and neck for an overall younger looking appearance.

‧Immediate Visible Results can be seen after the first treatment.

‧Tripollar RF technology gently and effectively reduce the excess fat cells of the body especially for arm and tummy.
Tripollar 技術能滲透脂肪層有效減退手、肚及其他不同部位的多餘脂肪。

‧Made in Israel, Comfortable and impassible, Safe and reliable.
以色列製造, 無痛舒適, 安全可靠。